Wire Fraud

“Wire Fraud is the use of intentional deception for monetary gain using electronic communication. But the hackers are not stealing money, victims are freely and willingly sending it to the bad guys. The root of the problem is inadequate training and tools combined with human nature, our vulnerability to being tricked”

Ryan Castle
Founder of Conduit and former FBI Special Agent


Companies Tend to fight wire fraud with IT dollars

pictures of money
  • Companies combat wire fraud with IT security solutions
  • Although effective on the margins, it does not address the root of wire fraud
  • Losses are due to social engineering (being conned)

Wire fraud is not a hack, and cyber insurance may not cover you.

Solving wire Fraud is very easy!

Call the recipient of the wire transfer at a known good number to verify transaction details

Verify the transaction with a teammate

Assign roles to different employees: entering payment, approving payment, and releasing transaction

But... Solving Wire Fraud is really hard!

Fatigue and complacency will erode your organization’s process

Scale and accountability are manual and prone to failure

Team members are targets for manipulation

Conduit’s Software allows your team to follow a playbook, letting humans and computers do what they are best at.