NetDiligence Interview

Conduit founder Ryan Castle sat down with NetDiligence’s president, Mark Greisiger, to shed light on the severity and scope of wire fraud.  Ryan highlighted what businesses are up against and how wire fraud bad guys are increasingly leveraging generative AI and advancements in payment technology to execute their crimes.

Castle also addresses organizational gaps that allow for successful attacks. Businesses often have an existing policy in place, yet still fall victim to wire fraud due to the absence of effective technical controls and realistic processes.

Castle founded Conduit to stop these criminals and protect people and companies.  Conduit’s solution provides best practices, training, and most importantly robust technical controls, particularly within finance teams, to safeguard against wire fraud. Conduit’s workflow automation tool allows finance professionals to make swift, informed decisions while maintaining transparency and accountability in the approval process, ultimately collapsing the risk of being victimized to social engineering and wire fraud.

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