We asked DALL-E-2 to show a Wire Fraud Victim

If you have heard of or seen some of its work already, DALL-E-2 is an AI artist that creates original art in seconds from a descriptive sentence. After DALL-E-2’s “Last Selfies on Earth” made news this month, I decided to see what the AI would produce for a victim of wire fraud.

DALL-E-2 Rendering of "Victim of Wire Fraud"
“Victim of Socially Engineered Wire Fraud”

My Artistic Critique

Although it won’t be hanging above my fireplace (I see enough wire fraud everyday), the AI did an amazing job capturing the moment of realization of a loss. The reds of the painting capture anger and emotion of the moment.

A couple more subtle highlights include:

  1. By giving the victim a badge, DALL-E recognizes that sophisticated business entities are victims of this crime
  2. The victim is an older gentleman in a sport coat, showing that this crime happens to the most seasoned finance professionals and executives
  3. The third hand coming into view is also remarkable and works on many levels. It could be
    • The bad guy who stole the money
    • The recipient who never received the money, asking for their funds
    • The board of directors, pulling the executive in for a review
    • Teammates and vendors leaving the picture, unable to provide that helping hand, because remember, in most cases of wire fraud the sender is 100% liable (not banks, insurance companies, etc.

Wire Fraud Victims

Conduit deals with victims of this crime on a weekly basis. Victims are universally angry at the lack of legal recourse and the liability that falls squarely on their shoulders for the loss.

Victim’s knee-jerk reaction is to think they can solve the problem or now have it under control. A classic solution is to put someone else in charge of funds transfer. We believe this is the classic outcome because no better alternative exists.

People are not at fault; it is the tools leadership provides them. Without these tools, the likelihood of becoming a victim again increases dramatically, as the bad guys know you are vulnerable, and this crime often comes in waves.

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