Conduit App

Conduit is the only SaaS solution to pro-actively manage the risks associated with Wire Fraud.

Conduit’s streamlined, rules-based platform ensures every step is safely taken in the wire process.

Screenshots of the conduit app

1. Codified best practices & procedures

  • Internal controls including: verification calls, contact validation, team review
  • Built by CFOs and COOs
  • Divide roles & responsibilities
  • Online paper trail & checklists (confirmations & signatures)

2. Transparency, accountability, and repeatability

  • Monitor in real time, online, anywhere
  • Centralized, shared diligence checklist
  • Recorded verbal confirmations
  • Text alerts
  • Dashboards

3. Smart risk intelligence

  • Cross reference routing & account numbers against “naughty & nice” list
  • Scale processes to risk ($5K vs. $1M wire)
  • Risk scoring by factors:
    • New/Updated wiring instructions
    • Holiday or Friday sends
    • Unusual amounts
    • Transaction amounts

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Conduit protects assets from wire fraud through proven processes and our simple software platform.