Part 1 – Linedata Interview

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As part of Conduit’s ongoing partnership with Linedata, our founder Ryan Castle sat down with Justin Ryan from Linedata to discuss wire fraud, its common tactics and recent trends.  Importantly, they also share insights on the range of challenges (urgency, AI) buy-side firms face in dealing with the wire fraud bad guys.  In part 2…

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Cybercrime: Wire Fraud and Justice? 

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”We’re not going to be able to arrest ourselves out of this problem”  In our AI and digital age, the specter of cybercrime looms large, presenting a massive challenge that traditional law enforcement simply cannot solve. In an oldie but a goodie from the The Register, Doug Witschi, the assistant director for cybercrime at Interpol…

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NetDiligence Interview

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Conduit founder Ryan Castle sat down with NetDiligence’s president, Mark Greisiger, to shed light on the severity and scope of wire fraud.  Ryan highlighted what businesses are up against and how wire fraud bad guys are increasingly leveraging generative AI and advancements in payment technology to execute their crimes. Castle also addresses organizational gaps that…

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Unless you use Conduit, Wait to Wire Funds Until July 10th


Don’t be a cliché and fall victim to wire fraud over the 4th of July holiday.  We’ve unfortunately had to have those difficult conversations before, letting firms know their experience is right out of central casting when it comes to wire fraud.  The 4th of July is a perfect mix of risk factors, including short…

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The Friday before a long holiday weekend


What Are You Doing Friday? I’m Going Golfing, Wire Fraud Bad Guys Are Working. The weather looks great here in Chicago and I have a round of golf lined up for Friday.  This week is a time when people’s minds are drifting towards relaxation, social gatherings, and travel plans. The start of summer brings with…

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Have you Noticed More Phishing Attacks than Usual?


I know I have, and I bet you have too! There is an old saying attributed to Winston Churchill….“Never let a good crisis go to waste.”  In 2023 wire fraud bad guys and cyber criminals have spun this slightly to “Never let a banking crisis go to waste.”  A banking shock like we are experiencing…

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SVB and Wire Fraud Risk

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Attention all business owners, funds, employees, and individuals involved in the ongoing frenzy surrounding Silicon Valley Bank. We want to bring to your attention the significant security risks that exist in this frenzied environment, particularly when it comes to wire fraud. The high urgency and speed at which individuals and organizations are moving create a…

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Finance Teams Who Stop Wire Fraud Should Get a Medal (or a trophy)!


When companies work on cyber security, they invest time and money to stop breaches, ransomware and malware.  When it comes to wire fraud, the fastest growing crime, they do not.  With wire fraud, the bad guys are looking to hack humans, not machines, so the typical response is to just have the humans “handle it.”  …

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